3 lessons learned from becoming Blockchain Entrepreneur of the year

3 min readApr 7, 2023

Alexander Munro, Dandelion’s CEO and Co-Founder, was named Blockchain Entrepreneur of the year by Entrepreneur India just last month.

As we celebrate this huge milestone for the team, we also look back on how we got there and what we can learn from our journey so far. After all, for Dandelion, this is just the beginning. In this article, we asked Alex about the top 3 lessons learned so far.

Go against the grain

In a rapidly evolving industry like blockchain, it’s easy to follow the trends and do what everyone else is doing. However, the team and I learned that it’s essential to go against the grain and challenge the status quo.

Instead of following the crowd, take a step back and identify the unique problems your business can solve. This approach not only sets you apart from the competition but also allows you to create a truly innovative solution that addresses a real need in the market.

For Dandelion, it means challenging the whole idea of how Web3 has been built so far, and creating the infrastructure for our vision to come to life. “Abandon Layer 2” is not a statement you can make without a better alternative, which leads me to the second lesson.

It takes more than a great idea

Many entrepreneurs believe that a great idea is all it takes to succeed, but that’s not entirely true. While a great idea is crucial, it’s not enough to guarantee success.

As a Blockchain Entrepreneur of the year, I realized that execution and discipline are just as important as the idea itself. More specifically, the team either makes or breaks your project, especially when it comes to Layer 1 solutions that revolutionize the space from the ground up. It takes intelligence, teamwork, and the right resources to bring your idea to life. Rebuilding blockchain is no small feat.

Don’t simplify the tech

Blockchain technology can be complex, and many leaders in the space believe that simplifying it is the key to mass adoption. However, I learned that this is not necessarily the case.

While simplicity is crucial in some areas of blockchain, it’s not always the solution. Instead, we embrace the complexity of the technology and create products that leverage its power to create revolutionary Web3 solutions.

By meeting mass-adoption with great products, unparalleled utility, and UX/UI for everyone, you can create a real impact in the industry. That counts the people who never knew about Web3 but need it in their life.

What’s next for us?

This milestone is just one of many, and it marks the beginning of Dandelion bringing the power of Web3 to the world.

We’ve been working on our infrastructure behind the scenes, so it’s high time for anyone who truly believes in accessible and life changing tech to jump in and see the new generation of blockchain evolve. You can do that by following us on Twitter and Telegram.