Decentralization in social media: What’s in it for privacy?

2 min readFeb 24, 2023


Last year, we saw how the privacy debate exploded, with features on why FTX failed, how Twitter censored and banned scientific articles, and many others.

At the genesis of the Internet, networks like Friendster, MySpace, and LinkedIn expanded social connectivity. Soon, we saw how Facebook not only connects you with your friends, but also collects intergenerational data, turning You-The-Poster into You-The-Product.

Google, Twitter, and Meta know when you’re sick and how you drive — and so does your boss and insurance company because they buy that data.

A cry for more privacy is louder than ever. But is decentralization really here to solve it once and for all?

Dream of decentralization

The illusion of “free” service won platforms like Meta a 3B+ user base, where selling your data is the main moving piece. The tech giants profit billions from our personal conversations and search history, all in an effort to sell marketing agencies psychometrics and engagement histories. Most of us, given half a chance, would walk away if we could.

And actually, we can. To take back our privacy and freedom, we need to recognize that the value of social media comes from you, the end-consumer of content.

If Web2 made you the product, then Web3 can make you the vendor. Influencers know this model well, but not everyone has the personality to share their whole life hourly.

Some are creatives, artists, and musicians that need but can’t leverage centralized marketing. For social media, your voice needs to be routed as only they know how. Some are just tired of seeing the echo of their personal conversations in targeted ads.

We know these limitations. We want to break them.

Dandelion’s take on true decentralization

Dandelion is building the infrastructure for a new web, one designed for decentralization from the beginning. Here, we have discarded the model of You-The-Product and uphold the real dream of Web3: You-The-Owner.

Starting with simplified views on how we can interact, share, trade, and talk, Dandelion provides a communication and transaction platform.

From our node configuration to our developer tools and unique smart-contract environment, Dandelion enables the highest security and resilience available, but one where we can forget about censorship and traceability.

Banking can safely and securely pair with messaging and trading. On Dandelion, your identity, your data, and your privacy are yours. This is the time to reclaim your data and together, we will make the dream of a distributed internet real.

Check out how we make it a reality on Twitter and ask us anything on Telegram.