Gaming and social media: Then, now, and beyond

2 min readFeb 16


4.7 billion people are on social media, and 2.5 billion of them have played a video game in the past five years. The worlds of gaming and social media have changed tremendously in the past twenty years, but one thing remains certain: the future of gaming is undoubtedly social.

Video games transformed from a lonely endeavor in the 20th century into a communal hobby by 2023. Some even argue that video games are the future social media platforms.

Let’s take a look at how it all started, where we are now, and how Dandelion’s Web3 might change gaming forever.

Genesis of gaming and social

2004 marked the first time when games and social media collided. Lineage 2, among others, is the first documented integration of a multiplayer game and an instant messaging app.

Now, no game launch is successful without a social media presence: from triple-A games to niche indie finds, it’s all picked up by online communities and the hype spreads like wildfire.

It doesn’t stop there. 45% of avid gamers watch gaming streams, 38% are streaming, and almost half watch and read gaming tips, cheats, and tutorials. Fans discuss, debate, argue, and love the game online, even with no multiplayer element involved.

What happens when you erase the border between gaming and social media, and make it more immersive, with Metaverse on top?

Is there more to gaming + social media combo?

The short answer is yes, more than you might think.

Forbes, among others, claims that gaming is to become THE new social media of the future, with Web3 and the Metaverse powering the transition and making social media platforms more interactive and gamified than ever before.

Who’s going to prefer typing a message when you can pop in your virtual avatar and come up to your friends to chat in the virtual world? The same goes for microtransactions, which are becoming easier and faster.

This sounds like something from science fiction, and it is — for now.

The challenge ahead

Web3 is the key to the ultimate convergence between gaming and social media. With a decentralized system and convergence between social, gaming, and DeFi, you’ll never have to change between platforms to do either: send money, chat, or play.

Yet, the technology is nowhere near as advanced yet. That’s why Dandelion is here.

We are the L1 solution that rebuilt the blockchain so that no L2 is needed. We’re not aiming for just decentralized social media platforms, Web3 games, or easy access to DeFi. Rather, we enable everything at once — in one place, anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Social media and gaming have always marched hand in hand. We’re set to make it easier and more integrated than ever before. Connect with us on Twitter and join Telegram to enter the Metaverse now.




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