Virtual Machines : The keys to Decentralized Advancements

2 min readJul 27, 2023


Virtual Machines (VMs) might not be the center of attention in the Web3 narrative, but they’re one of the driving forces shaping the complete blockchain.

Let’s delve into the thought-provoking significance of VMs in the Web3 landscape with Joy Osive, Dandelion’s WASM lead, and explore how they lay the foundation for a truly decentralized and user-centric internet.

1. Foundation of Smart Contracts:

Virtual Machines serve as the execution engines for self-executing contracts, providing a secure and isolated environment for their deployment and operation.

2. Enhancing Smart Contract Performance:

Compared to traditional Virtual Machines, WebAssembly-based VMs provide near-native execution speeds, drastically reducing transaction times and enhancing overall performance. This optimization allows for complex computations and resource-intensive tasks to be efficiently executed.

3. Reducing Gas Costs and Network Congestion:

With optimized execution, transactions and smart contract interactions on the network consume fewer resources, reducing gas fees and alleviating network congestion. This advancement paves the way for a more sustainable and user-friendly Web3 experience.

4. Safeguarding Assets and Data:

VMs offer an isolated sandbox environment for executing code, preventing potential vulnerabilities or malicious code from affecting the entire network. By providing a safe space for smart contracts to run, VMs protect digital assets and user data and, as a result, foster trust.

5. Empowering Decentralized Applications (dApps):

Through VMs, developers can build and deploy dApps that run autonomously and transparently on the blockchain, providing users with new levels of control and ownership over their digital assets.

VMs work tirelessly behind the scenes, executing smart contracts securely, enabling cross-chain interoperability, and empowering a vibrant ecosystem of dApps. With VMs, we can make Web3 magic happen, propelling the decentralized revolution forward and creating a more inclusive and efficient digital landscape for everyone to benefit from.

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