Why Dandelion?

3 min readJun 14, 2023


What do dandelions and Web3 have in common? Not much, but only at first glance.

We chose “Dandelion” as the name for our revolutionary Web3 Layer 1 solution for a reason.

Dandelion is making a big splash in the Web3 space as the first platform to bring the Metaverse to life without a middle layer.

You may be wondering why we chose the name of this seemingly ordinary flower. Let’s explore the backstory behind the name.

Dandelion vs. dandelion

The answer lies in the attributes that make us similar to this flower.

From nature’s guidance to speed, our strengths set us apart in the world of Web3.

Serendipity, nature, and resilience

With diverse backgrounds in physics, nuclear energy, electrical engineering, epidemiology, and chemistry, our team embraces the practicality, openness, and adaptability of the dandelion, symbolized by the “Dandelion Principle.”

Like the dandelion spreading its seeds, we seize unexpected opportunities, foster collaboration, and ensure our ideas flourish in diverse directions.

Moreover, our network model is called a “Directed and Distributed Lattice Network” (DDLN / D&DLN). We stumbled upon intriguing IP matters during our development, uncovering extensive research on the dandelion plant.

It turned out that the symbol Phi, representing the golden ratio, holds significance in our respective fields and intertwines with different aspects of our architecture, encryption, and the dandelion’s evolutionary history.

This symbol and the dandelion plant are both connected to different parts of our network and the way we keep things secure. It’s like a puzzle where everything fits together just right.

All of this may seem like a coincidence when viewed independently. Yet, with our extensive research and accumulated knowledge, it feels as though we’ve tapped into something refined by Mother Nature over generations.


At Dandelion, we believe in the importance of being approachable and accessible. This is why we pride ourselves on being a user-friendly blockchain platform.

From our drag-and-drop editor to our noob-proof smart contracts, we make Web3 easy to pick up for any developer, regardless of their experience level.

To develop a dApp, typically, you require a Web3 professional who has 5+ years of experience and 5–7 months of intense work. However, with Dandelion, we reduce everything by 50% — including adoption, the learning curve, and development speed — making it much more accessible and efficient.


Just like the dandelion seed that can travel as fast as the wind, we are designed to be lightning-fast.

Before you finish reading this article, Dandelion could have processed over 29 million transactions. That’s about 250,000 transactions per second per shard, which is a 50x boost compared to other chains.

Can you even grasp the mind-boggling speed of light?


Finally, just like dandelions, widespread and found in unexpected places, Dandelion is designed to be everywhere.

Our platform can be used in digital, local, centralized, and decentralized markets. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what developers will build on the Dandelion platform.

Our versatility and adaptability enable us to provide solutions for a variety of use cases, from gaming and entertainment to finance and logistics.

Friendly, fast, and everywhere — that’s what Dandelion is. Our user-friendly platform, lightning-fast transaction speeds, and versatility make us the perfect choice for anyone looking to build decentralized applications.

Dandelion seeds can be found in many unexpected corners of the world — it reflects the potential of our platform to revolutionize the blockchain industry and transform the way we interact with the Metaverse.

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